Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary

THANK YOU to each of our fans for this 10 year journey!
We can’t wait to show you all that we have coming up!
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0:00 Introduction
13:29 San Diego
27:50 Beyond The Trick Shot
41:35 Going All In
55:00 Overtime
59:53 Faith, Family, Friends
1:16:00 The Final Stretch
If you're looking for more beyond our #DudePerfectDoc, here’s a playlist of some of our favorite DP videos ever!

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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    9 kuukautta sitten

    You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

    • Dmoney


      6 päivää sitten

      @Sam Tunks P.

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      bethany casey

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    • Pushkal Vashist

      Pushkal Vashist

      15 päivää sitten

      DP is ✨AMAZING✨

    • Jerry Cooke

      Jerry Cooke

      18 päivää sitten

      The world would be much different if we had more people like you five. Thank you for being role models to us and our kids.

    • Yuto Kurata

      Yuto Kurata

      24 päivää sitten

      tysm for content

  2. sqishy rainbows

    sqishy rainbows

    12 minuuttia sitten

    What is Coby doing here: 5:49

  3. Carter


    42 minuuttia sitten

    I was at the live tour

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    Devin Gorham

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    Anshuman Singh

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  6. Hockey Boy

    Hockey Boy

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    40:35 35:35 we love you TT

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    ابراهيم البعداني

    15 tuntia sitten

    I love you dude perfect

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    Armaan Hyder

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    Armaan Hyder

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    Nathaniel Kim

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    Amy Adkins

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    Ethan Gambill

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    My sister goes to SDSU (San Diego state university) and we were moving her in when you were doing your show and I couldn’t go 😂😂 but I could tell it would be amazing

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    Ashwin Ghimire

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    I have even more respect for Dude Perfect. Awesome guys!!

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    The amazing Luxray gamer

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    Max Braf

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    Chris Spremulli

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    Agent Pickles

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  31. Elmo


    2 päivää sitten

    21:08 how did "clean freak" let that prize to go out to the stage? :D

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    Playing with Kid

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    Rairhahs Hallib

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    This is the biggest FItop video i have ever seen and i didn’t even skipped 5 seconds.

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    Output Kay

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  35. Output Kay

    Output Kay

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    From India, we love yall

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    Neil Paz

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    Jeffrey Baker

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    Jacob Coffey

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    Coby says during the all sports battle segment that they argue about battles and that they don’t come around that often for most of us but he was arguing with Tyler lol

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    Mike Wiebe

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    Joseph Morales

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    Legends Watch the whole thing! Feb. 28, 2021

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    My son introduced me to your video’s years ago. Today 2/28/2021 he still gets excited when you all post a new one. We both love watching! Thank you! You should do cleaning stereotypes. If you have done that, sorry, I haven’t watched it yet.

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    Rajshree Periwal

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    Rajshree Periwal

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    Jason Cornacchio

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    the end I just had to go in a different room so my family could not see me cry. I love your videos and I love how you guys are brothers in Christ. Your teamwork inspires me and all of my family

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    Anne Guy

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